Based in New York City 
"Beauty needs no ornaments"
 ....a quote my mom always told me when I was growing up. 
Although I never understood this quote when I was younger, I now realize just how powerful those words are.
Beauty is something that is innately within us,
and we can only enhance it with clothing, jewelry, makeup, compliments or "ornaments".
Minimalist. Beautiful. You. 
This brand is inspired by this quote, and creates minimalist pieces for all the brown girls to feel empowered by their ornaments. Minimalist desi inspired jewelry will add unique elegance to your everyday look. Our lightweight designs feature traditional patterns, colors, and motifs to give you a hint of desi touch in your everyday life. 
This minimalist desi jewelry collection is just the beginning of South Asian culture being equally represented in today's world of fashion 
You're not pretty for a brown girl, you're just pretty.